Mike's Tree Service
worker up in a tree, cutting the branches of a tree

Please call us first in case of an emergency.  Mike’s Tree Service is here 24 hours a day to respond to any tree emergency you may have. Get quality work from us!

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Mike's Tree Service is known for professionalism when it comes to providing safe removal of trees. When the trees on your property are well maintained it promotes safety and keeps your trees healthy.


We are reliable, more convenient and more affordable. You'll find our prices to be very competitive plus we have over 30 years of experience. Besides tree topping we also provide the following solutions:


Tree pruning

Complete storm cleanup

Stump removal

We provide safe solutions

Properly dispose of your old trees

If your trees are overhanging your roof or are too close to your home, then give us a call.


We will help you to safely remove any dangerous trees from your property.