Mike's Tree Service

The aftermath of a hurricane or severe storm can take a toll on your yard. Mike's Tree Service gives you reliable, convenient and affordable cleanup service when you need it most. We take pride in keeping your property clean.


When downed trees are covering your property, we'll be there to safely remove debris. Call us and we'll come out to assess the damage and guide you on what needs to be done.


We provide the following storm cleanup services:


• Fallen tree removal

• Clearing downed branches

• Up-rooting dangerous trees

• Lot clearing

In a storm emergency call us first. Mike’s Tree Service is here 24/7 to respond to damage on your property. We'll help safely remove fallen trees and branches.

Call today for a FREE estimate on storm cleanup.


Professional lot clearing

Complete storm cleanup service

Getting ready to build? Our team prepares your property by removing overgrown trees.


There is no land clearing job our experts won't tackle! With over 30 years of experience you can count on us for quality work.

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